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    Why is my PDF size from my InDesign export still large?

    danegonzalez Level 1

      I'm doing class project that is a four-page, seven-image document with very little text. The project must be submitted as a PDF under 300 KB. However, when I export the document under the smallest file size preset and with the compression rates down to 72 dpi, I get a PDF that is 612 KB.

      All my classmates are able to get it under 300 KB, so I'm confused as to why mine is so large. I'm using 5 JPGs and 2 GIFs, and each take up a 5in by 5in square in the document. They are relatively really small pictures (avg. 250 KBS) and I've even re-saved all to be under 100 KB, but the PDF size only drops to around 500 KB I transferred between InDesign CC on Mac and InDesign CS5 on Windows and wonder if that is a concern.