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    AE CC 2014.1.1 the plague of "ram preview needs 2 or more frames"

    ActionCamStudio Level 1

      As i said abot Premiere CC 2014.1, for me AE CC 2014.1.1 is the worst version of this sw ever on my system. Specs:


      GTX680 4GB

      24GB ram

      Asus P6T deluxe mobo

      2 SSD Intel, one for AE cache


      I'm experiencing continuos crash from AE. I'm on a big project, as always, and performance is terrible. After a bit of time of working AE became terribly slow. The "blu" bar under the preview window start load again and again. I move the mouse, loading, i scroll the window, loading, press caps lock to stop the preview....loading. This is the sympthon. After this kind of wierd performance i know that my ram preview will not start again. The infamous message will pop up and doesn't matters what i do, purge, format ram or whatever. the only way is to close AE and reopen it.

      Now...i'm using AI files or PSD files, so i've to run AE and Photoshop or AI all toghether....after some minutes...the bar loading, the performance slows down and the message pop up again.

      The ridicoulous fact is that when i render the project i have the ram usage at 19% and cpu usage at max 60%. So my renders are really long (about 10hr for 2 minutes of animations), but my system is sitting there doing nothing. Really odd...i can use 12GB of ram and half of the cores at this point, doesn't matter for AE performance...