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    Sync settings clarification please

    philipking Level 2

      In principle I see how syncing settings works but it's not clear how to tell whether settings will be uploaded or downloaded.


      An example of the problem just happened when I synced Illustrator settings:


      I have two log-ins on one Mac, one for work and one personal.

      I seldom use Illustrator in the personal log-in but commonly in the work log-in, where I have arranged settings and workspaces how I like them.


      In the personal log-in I have not taken the trouble to set up Illustrator in any detail so I wanted to sync my work settings to AI in my personal log-in, but the result was that the settings from the personal log-in overwrote the work settings and I lost all the careful effort I'd put into setting up my workspaces.


      It would be much clearer if there were options for "sync to cloud" and "sync from cloud".


      I have settings in InDesign I would like to use between log-ins but I am now reluctant to sync because it's unclear whether I will lose the workspaces I've setup in InDesign.


      Perhaps I'm missing something, so some advice on this would be welcome.