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    Setting Reader preferences

    syswizardx Level 1

      I believe this is not possible within Javascript, correct ?

      I think the best one could do is to provide a button to do an execMenuItem("GeneralPrefs")....no ?


      However, I was wondering....is it possible to create a custom Reader installation package that would allow customization of the default preference settings in Reader ?

      Has anyone done that ?

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There is a system administrators installation tool that allows one to make a custom instillation but it is very version specific and you would need licenses to distribute Reader.


          What would you do for existing instillations. Many users could become very angry over you changing their installations.


          Also how would handle installations that have restrictions on the system program folders and only allow certain network sources to perform instillations?

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            syswizardx Level 1

            I see your point. I just want to make sure certain settings like Javascript enabled are in there.

            Guess we'll have to place it in the instructions then.