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    Problems with User's IDs


      My wife and I each have an Adobe ID with one desktop, two laptops and two Nook Tablet/ one Nook Simple Touch.

      Our problem is we can't download our library books from the desktop computer to Nook Simple Touch because of an error saying: "No Permission to Copy Book" and "E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER."


      The problem appears to be Adobe IDs and we don't know how to rectify IDs in each of our devices plus we don't know if our devices are registered.

      What would our solution be? Can we interchange laptops with the IDs?


      What we did:

      1) downloaded from Adobe.com Digital Edition v2.0

      this eliminated Digital Edition v4., than downloaded a book from the library which the book finally went into Digital Edition 2.0 on our desktop (GREAT) but trying to

      upload to the Nook Tablet a pop-up said; "This title has been downloaded using a different account. Authorize this app with the same OverDrive account (or Adoobe ID) you originally used to download the title."

      These problems started recently.

      Again, what is our solution to our problem????

      Please Help!!!