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    Lr v.5.6 slideshow burn to DVD


      I have Lr-5.6 on Windows V7 - Put 301 photos to slideshow saved file and burned to DVD disk. IT plays on my desktop, and my Sony DVD player, but not on DVD at church. What can I do to create a DVD slideshow that will play on most DVD players?

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If this is a standard DVD player instead of a BluRay player, you'll have to use a DVD authoring program to create a standard video DVD. Just putting a file on the disc won't work on old-fashioned DVD players. Lightroom will not do this for you. There are many authoring tools like that and all require some getting used to. Also the final quality is usually fairly bad as standard DVD video is very low resolution (720x480 pixels only). You might actually have more luck with just exporting a folder of jpegs and dumping those in a folder on the DVD but you'll still only get the images displayed at 720x480. Many DVD players will play those though.


          Bottomline is that if you want the disk to play on all DVD players, you'll have to live with fairly poor quality.