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    HELP!  SSI.htm server model - invalid config. Ino.


      This is the SECOND time I've had this issue. I had it in my older version of Contribute, which prompted me to purchase Contribute 4.0

      I installed Contribute 4.0 and things were working well for months.

      [My Web Administrator is in the hospital, however, I have full access to edit our web site using Contribute - he gave me a Sitekey, a password, etc. and I have the ftp server name, user name and password.]

      I was able to edit every page, but today, something happened. After I logged onto the Site Key, I received this message:

      "The following translators were not loaded due to errors: Server Model SSI.htm has configuration information that is invalid."

      I re-installed my software, rebooted the system and the error is still there. I can connect to my web site and access allpages, but I can no longer edit.

      Please advise as I cannot bother the Administrator in the hospital.

      Many thanks.