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    Fixed Layout EPUBs in Adobe Indesign CC 2014


      Hi Friends,


      I'm fascinated with the prospects of the Fixed Layout EPUBs.   In the few video tutorials that are more current, Adobe host shows the ability to PREVIEW the EPUBs using the menu  item OBJECT > INTERACTIVE > Epub Previewer.  But no go. 


      So, I've now installed from Creative Cloud, the Extend Script tool kit as well as Extension Manager.   I also installed Edge Inspect CC.


      Am I on the right track to find or install the Interactive > Fixed Layout EPUB Previewer?    I need your guidance and have not found anything through my searches online.  


      I exported my Fixed Layout EPUB yesterday and the slider I created by following one of the few tutorials caused some sort of problem because that entire SPREAD was blank, although all other pages were present. 


      Thanks for any guidance.