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    Black and white on import




      I tried to import an SD card of photos today and using the same import settings I've always used. Once they were imported the images showed in black and white.  I re-imported the photos to a different directory with the filter settings "None" and it did it again.  When I open an image in the develop tab I can turn it to color & see that all the data (shooting NEF RAW) are still there. The history pane just shows import so it's not a preset I applied after the fact either. I downloaded the latest Lightroom 5.6 update and tried an import with another SD card and it keeps happening.  It's just annoying that the filter is being applied cause while I'l be editing the most important of these photos but I just want the raw photo on import with standard display like I'd expect from the LCD display on my camera.  This wasn't happening the last time I imported on 10-27


      Camera: Nikon d5100

      Lightroom Version: 5.6 Mac

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          When you import into Lightroom, do you look at all the panels on the right of screen?

          In the panel "Apply During Import", "Develop Settings" should be set to [ None ]


          If your camera is set to Monochrome (for JPGs) and you shoot in RAW, then strange things can happen- the import process first shows the "camera" thumbnails as monochrome, then as Lightroom builds its previews from the RAWs the LR library thumbnails change back to colour.

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            terriannphoto Level 1

            Thanks for the response!  I did try to import with "develop settings" set to [none] (I used the wrong terms to explain that in the OP) and still it makes the photos default to black and white.


            I confirmed the camera is NOT set to black and white and even reset the camera to factory defaults, snapped a few shots and still the same issue.


            What's interesting is that now Lightroom won't import photos from two other SD cards (that are reading from the camera and showing previews with no problem.)  I'm usually good at figuring out computer issues but this has me baffled.