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    Problems with Slideshow in FXL


      I have created an Indesign project with 16 pages to be exported as a Fixed Layout EPUB with spreads in iPad size.   All good there.


      However, on page 10, I've followed the steps on video here:  Add interactivity to fixed layout EPUBs | Adobe InDesign CC tutorials,  to add a simple 3 photo Slideshow, reduced to a size that is about 250 px wide.  This is what I did:


      I selected the aligned stack of 3 photos. 

      With those selected, I went to Object States, named the object and all three photos in the "Slideshow" are showing up in that window.

      I then selected the right arrow shape, clicked Buttons, named the button, selected event -  On Click,  added the action "go to next state" (and it correctly displays the Page 10 slideshow).   Under Appearance, I have all 3 appearances enabled - Normal, Rollover and Click.  I've tried a variety of selection there but doesn't seem to make a difference.


      I then selected the left arrow shape, clicked buttons and repeated except for "go to previous state". 


      So whenever I use the EPUB Interactivity Preview <OR> export the document, the entire spread, page 10-11 is blank white.


      Any thoughts on why this might be happening? 


      I do not have any other interactive elements through the document as I"m starting out with something simple.


      Please offer guidance on how I can get past this issue.  I'd love to present the booklet early this week to client.


      THANK YOU!