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        Personally, I would not.


        That's a massive manipulation involving painting and repositioning entirely new eyebrows, enlarging of the right eye, reshaping and enlarging ( ! )  of the mouth (why on Earth?), adding lipstick, reshaping of the bone structure of the brow (skull), much of that unsuccessfully as a new face has been created without attenuating its least attractive feature: the proboscis to which the lady is attached.


        It's an entirely different person, and not a very glamorous one.


        The skin imperfections have been removed, of course, and that's about the only good thing I see in the final result.


        Unless the young lady explicitly asked for each of those features, I would think she'd be insulted.


        Just my two cents.

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          Thank you for your feedback. I actually didn't enlarge any eyes, I just added bit of eyeliner. I didn't reshape bone structure, I think it seems like that because of the eyebrow shape. I tried to give her smiling look, hence I enlarged the mouth, which I suppose failed?

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            sam4589 wrote:


            …I actually didn't enlarge any eyes, I just added bit of eyeliner…


            Oh yes, you did.  The right eye is wider, not just highlighted by eye liner.


            Drag the "After" image as a layer on top of the "Before" layer, then toggle the visibility of the top layer on and off.  All the characteristics I described will become apparent to you.


            The bone structure of the brow was definitely changed by the removal of the shadows on top.  Exaggerating a lot, the "before" has kind of a Cromagnon or Neanderthal bone ridge indicated by the shadows, and you clearly removed thatThere's no point in denying it.


            You asked a simple, straightforward question, and I answered honestly.  We are not here to debate with posters, nor to argue.  Providing critique is not one of the purposes of this technical forum in the first place.


            A hint of a smile can be achieved by slightly re-directing the corners of the mouth in the Liquify filter, without a need to enlarge the mouth in such a grotesque fashion.


            If you don't like criticism of your work, don't ask the question you did.


            In any event, if you don't like the answers here you are entitled to your money back: $0.00.


            I fully stand by my reply.