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    How to get useful help for photoshop problem?


      This support is the worst of any company I'v ever had to deal with.


      My original technical problem is that Photoshop CC does not autorecover after a crash. 


      1) I went to this forum - some response but no answer when it wasn't of the 'update and close and re-open' variety.


      2) Tried chat three times - no-one ever responded until I after left the computer, or the chat window opened underneath other work I was doing so that when I found it again a support person had closed the case.  I got bad advice on screen about when the chat service was open (I am in Australia).


      3) By phone - got useless support, a man who didn't listen to me, didn't answer my questions, didn't understand what I was telling him, clearly had no idea about anything more than (possibly) how to use Photoshop, nothing at all about fault finding.  He emailed me some completely useless information on how the autorecover feature is supposed to work, which I already knew and which I specifically asked him NOT to send me.


      Some days later this same person rang back and asked if it was all fixed.  I said no and he said he'd go away and look at it again, then get in touch with me after investigation.  After another week or so, I received a notice to say the case was closed.


      What a crock of s***.


      I have requested the case be reopened but this is unlikely to be followed up effectively.


      How do I get to talk to a person who actually knows something, and how do I get useful support in general?

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          aaardvaark Level 1

          PS original discussion on this forum is at Photoshop autorecover not working

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            You are not addressing Adobe here in these user forums.



            BOILERPLATE TEXT extracted from the FAQ:




            Do not be abusive or aggressive in your tone


            An aggressive, demanding, accusatory or abusive sounding post will often evoke an aggressive or abusive and unhelpful reply.


            Remember, you are not addressing Adobe here in the user forums.  You are requesting help from volunteers users just like you who give their time free of charge. No one has any obligation to answer your questions.

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              BOILERPLATE TEXT:

              Note that this is boilerplate text.

              If you give complete and detailed information about your setup and the issue at hand,

              such as your platform (Mac or Win),

              exact versions of your OS, of Photoshop (not just "CS6", but something like CS6v.13.0.6) and of Bridge,

              your settings in Photoshop > Preference > Performance

              the type of file you were working on,

              machine specs, such as total installed RAM, scratch file HDs, total available HD space, video card specs, including total VRAM installed,

              what troubleshooting steps you have taken so far,

              what error message(s) you receive,

              if having issues opening raw files also the exact camera make and model that generated them,

              if you're having printing issues, indicate the exact make and model of your printer, paper size, image dimensions in pixels (so many pixels wide by so many pixels high). if going through a RIP, specify that too.


              someone may be able to help you (not necessarily this poster).

              a screen shot of your settings or of the image could be very helpful too.

              Please read this FAQ for advice on how to ask your questions correctly for quicker and better answers:



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                aaardvaark Level 1

                Thanks. I thought I'd seen Adobe (or Adobe-sounding) people replying here.  Also, for people frustrated by non-working Adobe support one of the frustrations is that there appears to be nowhere to address that frustration.


                The problem for many is that we are product users, not investigative specialists in discovering how to use what I believe to be ineffective help systems.  The fact is that if you search for help you will be directed by Adobe to this place without differentiating it from Adobe staffed support or clearly stating that it is volunteer only.  Many equivalent forums have manufacturer representation. 


                Obviously I can only admire and appreciate the help provided here by enthusiast and specialists, but if it doesn't help me then it is no use for me.  Last time I posted I thought I'd provided the information you mention above, after a bit of prompting, but no response was forthcoming.  Though now I see I didn't mention 12GB RAM, 500GB spare space on the scratch drive or video card info which I don't know where to find.


                To my original question -  Do you know a means of obtaining workable support from Adobe, remembering I'm in Australia and remembering I got no useful help by ringing support and did not succeed in getting hold of chat?  Is there some higher level of phone/chat support available and if so, how?


                Thanks again.

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                  So, you insist on going on with your rant.


                  I'm in no mood to argue with you or anybody else.


                  Reading the first three paragraph of your post was a waste of time as they're strictly your problems.  I'll just walk away from those.


                  Adobe's abysmally poor customer service is legendary.  You need not vent here.


                  This is all we can offer;


                  Unfortunately, only Adobe customer service can assist you with your issue. These are user forums; you are not addressing Adobe here.


                  Click on the link below, and after that click on "Still need Help? Contact us."


                  Then on the next page, click Chat


                  There is also a phone option.


                  http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?step=PHXS_downloading-installing-setting-up_licensing- activation



                  If any of that doesn't work anymore, it means Adobe has changed that again, and there's nothing we can do about that.

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                    Some Adobe staff do drop in from time to time, strictly as volunteers, on their own time and dime.  There's nothing they can do about any of your complaints, it's the suits that run Adobe, not the engineers.

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                      aaardvaark Level 1

                      Thanks I didn't think I was ranting, I meant to explain the source of my request for help.  Your last post does explain one reason I was confused so thanks for that, once again.  As I previously explained I tried the phone system, but received no useful help.  I didn't know Adobe support was 'legendary' but from my own experience would now have to agree with that.

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                        aaardvaark wrote:


                        Thanks I didn't think I was ranting, I meant to explain the source of my request for help…


                        Sounds like ranting to me.  There's absolutely no need at all to explain any request for help here.  That is the very essence of the forum.