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    Director video better than Quicktime?

      This is kind of a weird question but I don't really understand what's going on. I have a Director (MX) application that shows a quicktime movie and forms part of a CDExtra package for a band's album release. The band wanted to add some bonus tracks so, to squeeze it all onto a CD I had to recompress the video to a smaller size. During the process (of course) I kept checking the quality and made it the best for the space available. I was doing this using the Quicktime (7.0) player.

      I've just burned and run up the test CD and the video playing in the Director app is WAY better quality than what I was seeing when viewing directly in the QT7 player. Specifically, there are credits (white on black scrolling) at the end of the video that were virtually unreadable in QT7 but which are as clear as day in the Director app?

      What's going on here? I can only assume it's something to do with display overlay drivers but I've never noticed this before and it's a little annoying as it probably means I didn't have to sail so close to the wind to get a decent look.

      Anyone got any ideas? It seems odd that the Apple provided player doesn't show you the best quality possible.