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    Edge Animate Slideshow (Unlimited pictures Help)


      I was using a template from an online tutorial by Paul Trani.


      Using a picture (mainphoto) scaled to fit the size of the stage W1800 by H1200px as the main element on the stage.

      I have an element as the forward button with the following command on click


      I have an element as a back button with the following commanf on click


      I have modified the code above as per the tutorial to create a loop and utilize all 50 images in the images directory.

      The problem I face is that I have pictures of different sizes. Landscape ones with the dimension similar to the stage / original image) W1800px and H1200px and portrait ones with a dimension H1200px and W600px. How do I get the picture to load as it is without its width being stretched to fit the original picture size.

      The full tutorial can be found on the link below.

      Paul Trani | How to Create a Slideshow with Edge Animate


      I am creating a web gallery which transitions between gallery and slide show mode, for my wedding photos and if anyone has a better idea in how I can incorporate the two aspects (gallery and slideshow) without using the animation panel as the files are relatively high resolution and about 50-75 pics per gallery.