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    ELEMENTS 11    no work on Mac Book Pro 10.9.5 mavericks


      Now I am completely confused, I have MBP 10.9.5 , first of all my photos went to REVELL/ before  and NOW A Orgainizer took them in? I DID ZERO!  are there still photos on REVELLE? and why now wont this ElEMENTS 11 NOT WORK ON MY MAC?

      yes I did use a WINDOWS device BUT NOT WITH THIS bamboo Tablet?? help me please' WIll any ADOBE THING WORK FOR ME? on Mavericks 10.9.5?


      Mainly I need for Mirrored drawing/  and tracing/ bezel things,and sketching/designing.... IT IS terriable what 5 years now?I cant use the plotter freely? Can some one suggest what product I need and

      will what Elements I have be of use at all? thank You

      very much