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    10 seconds delay on first call of any CF-Website


      Hey guys


      I hope someone can finally help me here after frustrating hours of trying to contact someone at Adobe who would just listen to my problem...


      We plan to buy the newest version of ColdFusion for our new webserver. For testing purposes we installed the trial-version of ColdFusion 11 and are facing the following problem:

      The first time we call any CF-web, theres a delay of 10 seconds! After that delay you can browse the webpage fluently. After an hour of not visiting the page there's the same problem again.


      My first try to get more information about what might cause this problem, was looking at the request with the IIS-feature "Failed Request Tracing". In these log-files I found following entry:





      So what can I do to solve this problem?


      Kind regards from Switzerland

      Nico Merz


      PS: More information on how to look up detailed information to a slow or failed request you can find on my blog IIS-Probleme debuggen mithilfe einer Ablaufverfolgung : nicomerz.ch (german!)