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    InDesign CC crashes with blue screen on start up

    Maik W.

      Hy Forum!

      I just bought the Adobe CC complete version a few weeks ago. Adobe Premiere/Audition/Media Encoder/Photoshop works fine. But if I want to run Adobe InDesign CC I instantly get a Blue Screen followed by an automatical system reboot. It happens every time after around one minute after launching the program, even when I do absolutely nothing in InDesign and leave the mouse unsed. So it is a time-related system crash. I think InDesign tries to load someting in the background after the startup and crashes than. But it is just a guess... I have attached a photo of the error massage and a screenshot of my system specs.


      Maybe someone can help here. As I said, the other programms work all well.


      Greetings from Germany, Maik


      System Specs