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    Master page size conflict? Can't figure out what's wrong...

    vinny38 Level 4

      Hi community,

      I posted this ticket earlier, but I think I should post it in English, for a larger audience...

      So here's the story :


      I got a really odd issue while moving (or adding) pages...

      Here's a very basic layout :



      Now, lets place page 2 after page 3. Here's the result :


      As you can see, pages don't seem to relate properly to master pages.

      I can't figure out why...

      If I apply masters onto my pages, InDesign says there's a size conflict.

      Assuming I would apply again my master, ID will replace elements at the right place for now, but doesn't solve the problem at all.

      Any idea ??


      Here's a download link for this document :



      Please note, I'm working with InDesign CS6 (8.0.2 version)

      Thanks a lot for your help!