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    How to have a mask that can 'isolate' animated content

    andypeck Level 1

      Hi there,


      I know the principles of masking a layer so thats covered. However i'm having issues with the following:


      I have three layers....


      Layer 1 - BOTTOM) a Red line draws upwards towards a Blue box and disappears behind it

      Layer 2 - MIDDLE) a static Blue box

      Layer 3 - TOP) As if continuing from layer (1) the line now appears inside the Blue box and continues to draw upward only now the line has magically changed colour to Black.


      I thought I could apply a mask on layer (3) - the inner Black line which would be masked in the shape of the box, The aim was to crop the animating Black line to ensure it remains within the confines of the box. However, as im moving the line inside the box the mask insists on moving with the animation instead of remaining static.


      How do I create a static mask that can 'isolate' content thats animating in and out of the mask




      PS - Im using AE CC 2014 on a Mac