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    HTML5 tags in Robohelp editor?

    Sarah_OTT Level 1

      Ok I admit I am new to this, coming from a print background. I decided to try Robohelp so I could see more about what was happening, rather than just relying on output from Framemaker so I've been learning some basic HTML and CSS (still very much a beginner, but learning steadily) and it seemed sensible to learn some basics and then learn some HTML5. I (perhaps naively) expected to be able to use HTML5 tags in the Robohelp editor as it outputs to HTML5 as an option. But they don't seem to work. Am I right that they don't work? Why not?



      A call out to the experts out there...  I'd love to see a webinar on controlling video/mp4 in FM & Robohelp.... getting sizing right and poster frames and control bars and responsiveness and dealing with it when it goes wrong....I'm using mp4 exported from powerpoint and it just doesn't work. Robohelp insists on putting quicktime (not installed on my pc) code in for video... and puts it back in even if I delete it.


      oh and another separate thing. Adobe digital editions 4.0 epub reader ignores everything except static text and graphics. Is that what I should expect? 


      Sigh, I'm still mystified by all this.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Indeed, I don't believe you should expect to be able to insert HTML 5 tags in the editor and have RoboHelp accept them. Perhaps someday it will be possible, we can't say for certain. But for now, we have to live within its constraints. While you may see that RoboHelp is capable of outputting HTML 5 content, all the tagging happens at the time the code is generated. If you are coming from perhaps a DreamWeaver background, you might be expecting RoboHelp to behave in a similar way. For example, in DreamWeaver, you add files and you work on them and what you see is just copied to the web server when you are finished. RoboHelp is a different beast. After you edit your content, you must kick off the "generation" process. At that point, each of your source files is copied and modified. And you take that modified version of the files and copy it to the web server when you are finished.


          I've used RoboHelp for over 20 years. I know about FrameMaker, but have no clue how to use it. Even though I don't know how to use Frame, I'll stretch as far as to say that there is likely little you can do there (or in RoboHelp for that matter) to "better control" video content. If you are wanting to deal with video content, these tools will do nothing but frustrate you. You might be best off by using a tool (perhaps DreamWeaver?) to edit the HTML page that might present the video content. You could then add it to a RoboHelp project separately using the Baggage Files feature.


          I'm no expert on Adobe Digital Editions, but I've heard of it. I'll have to defer to someone better versed on the epub specifications. It's likely that video is simply not supported in that format.


          Cheers... Rick

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            Whilst the editor can output HTML5, it remains an HTML4 editor.


            See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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              Sarah_OTT Level 1

              Hi Rick


              Thanks for that. Yes frustration just about sums it up. I fell for the marketing on TCS5, it sounds so good. I was hoping to create epubs and also web based files, with video animations and html5 animations to support online technical training but I'm climbing down from that grand plan fast. I thought I'd be able to import Articulate Storyline, using i-frames and try Captivate (which is new to me too) and hoped to use .svg graphics and make it all responsive. I now know that was a very unrealistic in-the-deep-end for an online novice!! I've scurried back to Framemaker and will start with some interactions in .pdf output and see how that goes.

              But it's been an interesting learning experience.




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                Sarah_OTT Level 1

                Thanks Peter.

                At least I now know I the code wasn't "wrong" exactly which I'd initially assumed, just not the right code for the situation.



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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Sarah, if you would please take a moment and complete the form linked below, we would all appreciate it.


                  The form is called the "wish form". It is a direct avenue to the Adobe development team. I know I've personally suggested to the team that they consider giving us better/easier ways to insert and control video from RoboHelp. But it won't have much (if any) traction until they begin to see requests from all over.




                  Cheers... Rick