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    Default zoom when clicking on image

    Skygge666 Level 1



      I just started using LR5 on a Macbook. Before that i used an Imac, and different PCs, both desktop and laptops.


      I never cared about configurating the zoom levels because I never needed too. It was in fit position, and when the image was clicked, it zoomed.


      On my Macbook the zoom level is way to weak when I click. I don't know if it's just an impression due to the smaller screen, but I just feel like it zooms way less that I am used to. I looked a lot on internet for answers and whatever I do (throught the navigator or the view menu) it never saves the setting. Looks like what i want is a fit image in standart view and a 2:1 zoom when I click on the image.


      How do i make LR keep this setting? This is very annoying to have to change this every time I start LR5.