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    "Auto save recovery information" not working

    Alexander Eberhard Level 1


      I am using CC 2014 on windows 7 64 bit.


      In project preferences option "automatically save recovery information every 10 min" is activ. When entering the path:

      User/Alex/appData/roaming/adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC/AutoRecover there are no files.


      The folder was adressed yesterday as i can see under windows.


      What am I doing wrong? Where do i find my those auto/recovery files?


      Help much appreciated.



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          PixbyTed Level 1

          As far as I know you won't find anything there unless you experience an unexpected exit. Then when you restart Photoshop you will have a recovery version of the document loaded automatically, with a new extended file name (I forget but something like ..xxx.. recovered.psd). And once you have a recovered document back in Photoshop, your very next act should be a File > Save As. That is because you get one shot at this. As soon as the recovered document is reloaded into Photoshop, the recovered version goes poof

          Don't think of recovery as a snapshot or history feature, as in "Oops I wish I had that document the way it was 10 minutes ago". It doesn't work that way. Snapshots and frequent File > Save operations are essential if that is what you are looking for.