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    Like many person, i search the Grall... the BinaryHash or Checksum for editing a title with code...




      I search, like many person, to play with an title already create in a prproj file. change title, change police, change size...all title parameter, not with the export title option but with script for automation.

      I've parsed the prproj/xml file (ungzip), with python I found the title "Media", I decompresse, decode, utf-16 etc...

      I change my title and recollapse my xml title.

      Now, Adobe block me for editing the BinaryHash ??


      Well, you (adobe) compresse the title definition with base64, add a binaryHash, but doesn't give acces to the hashing format ???

      You don't provide any reference for playing with jsx, C++ pluggin is little too big for me and i'm not sur you give a big control for all the premierepro function.

      What the problem for give us the hashing format ? Explain me please I don't understand !






      ps: i don't search SDK function to edit the binaryHash, i search just the good hashing algorithme...a tips, an indication ?