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    Strange Reset In Gameplay

      For some reason, my game resets at random at different intervals. Sometimes, it will take 10 minutes, sometimes only 1. None of the code on the timeline should do this, as I have checked and double checked it for any bugs that may cause it to reset to the first frame. However, I know there are some minor bugs in my class codes. Could this be what is resetting the game? If so, why would class code effect the timeline?
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          shyaway Level 1
          sound like one of the actions done triggered the event.
          can't help if we see no codes.
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            DuhChamp Level 1
            It would be way too hard for me to display all 2500 lines of code on this forum. Essentially, the program resets for no reason. I make no reference to any of the frames in the classes, only on the action frames of the timeline itself. I make sure that all intervals are cleared, and that there are stop actions on each of the frames. I have a feeling that there might be a confliction in some of the code that confuses flash, thus making it restart because it is not sure what frame to go to.

            I'll let you know more details once I've completly debugged the program.