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    Renaming items in RH10


      ISSUE 1 - Renaming the project:


      My coworker is having to copy over some old projects... and rename them.  When I go to rename a project, in RH 10, it seems to work fine using the "Rename" option via the File menu: a TOC, index, glossary, etc. are created with the new name, .  However, when my coworker (also using RH10) renames a project, NOTHING else is getting renamed... I have watched her do it... and she's not doing anything differently from the way I do it.  So she has to go thru and manually change the associated project files manually.

      I suggested that she apply the patches I applied some weeks ago, but when she tries to up date the 10.1 patch, it's refusing to do so stating that she needs to reinstall RH... which she has done.  She uninstalled, rebooted, re-installed, rebooted, then tried the patch again, but it is still refusing to run.... and the renaming process is still long and drawn out for her.


      ISSUE 2 - renaming a topic:

      While i can successfully rename a project, renaming a topic isn't going as smoothly:  I renamed a topic - it's my default topic... but for some reason, renaming it didn't seem to rename related files within the project so when the guys are trying to pull it up as the default when they test it in the app, there's no such file at all seen in the published directory.  And I did all the renaming inside RH, not outside...   What am I missing?