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    Moving my Photos to a new NAS from an old NAS?  Keeping LR Catalog on my iMac.


      I have a new larger capacity NAS that I want to migrate my entire photos folder to and I'm confused as to how to do it correctly. 

      My current setup:

      -LR software, catalogs, backups, etc on my iMac

      -Photographs (3 TB worth) on my QNAP NAS


      I want to keep catalogs, backups etc on the iMac and simply change the location of my photographs to a new larger Synology NAS. 


      How do I make sure that my LR Catalog refers properly to the new photograph location?  Just copy my photos over and then reconnect using my Catalog?


      Or should I do a full Export As Catalog operation, exporting all my photographs to the new NAS and then reimporting to Lightroom as a new Catalog then disconnect the old NAS?