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    What is the best approach to converting an INDD to EPUB?

    Dennis Whitehead Level 1

      I've been thrashing about with a variety of error messages when converting an INDD book to EPUB, along with rejections for problems with links and so forth when testing with other reviewers. Suddenly, I realized that I was approaching the design of an ebook from the print book I had laid out in InDesign.


      This is a fixed-layout 348-page nonfiction book with a continuous text flow. It's fixed-format as there are many images interwoven throughout the text flow. In print, the page numbering was very strict and resulted in headaches over links between the Table of Contents and chapter starts. But, those were based upon page numbers, as are the links from the Index, and those have nothing to do with the final appearance of an ebook and the variety of readers.


      So, I stripped out all of the page numbers, from the TOC and the text, but will refrain from doing the same with the Index as that'll be a pretty tedious process.


      From there, I'll look to link words and phrases, i.e. Chapter One from the TOC to the chapter start, without page number references, and link words in the text body to references in the Index.


      How can this best be accomplished?

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          Monica Singh Adobe Employee

          Hi Dennis,


          There's no better solution to it than exporting it to epub fixed layout. May i know what kind of errors are you encountering while conversion? and when? Then may be we could be of more help to you.



          Monica Singh

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            Dennis Whitehead Level 1

            Thank you Monica.


            After having numerous nit-picky problems with the Table of Contents, a weird "Index Page entry not found" error message, and being blocked by iBooks Book Proofer for encryption, it dawned on me that a lot of these problems actually can be minimized in ebooks.


            This is a 348-page nonfiction print book with nearly 300 images interwoven with the text, in a continuous flow in a fixed-layout.


            Originally, the TOC linked perfectly, well almost, with the chapter headings, except for Chapter One which stopped just short of linking via the page number

            adobe 4.png

            The original TOC was create apart from the main document, not using the TOC function in ID. Using that function simply brings in all of the front matter that has to be edited down and, of course, nets the same result as above. 24 chapters all linking just fine but not Chapter One.


            It's taken days for the Adobe team to respond without any solution. So, I figured, since ebooks have different page configurations depending upon device, eliminate page numbers. Well, after successfully getting the book reformatted to .mobi, I see that the page numbers remain germane.


            Here's the "Index Page" message:

            Adobe 1.png


            Again, no clue what the "mismatch" message means.


            I have solved two previous problems (I hope) - Zapf Dingbats entered in Word trasfer OK to INDD but they revert to the default type when converted to EPUB. I had to re-do each section break, illustrated with Zapf stars, with Glyphs from the ID Type menu.

            The other was the rejection by iBooks Book Proofer for encryption. I haven't quite yet ironed this one out completely but there is an encryption.xml file inside the META-INF folder when the EPUB is unzipped to HTML. I think/hope deleting that file will allow the EPUB's passage to iBooks but I can't say that I've successfully regrouped and renamed the EPUB original without the encryption.xml file.





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              Monica Singh Adobe Employee

              Hi Dennis,

              While creating TOC you have to make sure that the option Make text anchor in source paragraph is checked in the Table of Content dialog box.


              Once this option is selected it will create the anchor in source paragrah and hence that missing source.... warning will go away.


              Please try and revert back if you still have any issue left.


              ~Monica Singh

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                Dennis Whitehead Level 1

                Thanks Monica!


                Tried all of the settings, which I'll add as a screenshot

                Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 10.00.38 AM.png

                I placed the cursor at the top of the existing TOC text, hit OK but ended up with a new, not previously seen TOC containing all of the photo captions...

                Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 9.59.26 AM.png

                Another problem that started anew in earlier attempts is the linking of the TOC to the text flow and a default to wrapped text with space on the right (not shown on the above screenshot). When I changed the wrap to overlap, the frame went blank and Table of Contents was visible by opening the frame at the bottom. I hope that makes sense.