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    INMA Advertising Format Specification

    Olav Lund

      I  absolutely love Adobe products. AdobeCC is excellent for my business.

      I'm a designer and make my living as such and Adobe takes the hassle out of making web content.

      ....until a few days ago. Used a number of hours to create a nice responsive web banner with Adobe Edge Animate.

      Shipped it of for rotation on the preferred website and received a cold response a few days later.


      "We notice this banner is made with Adobe Edge! Please refer to our spec (link) and make sure that html5-banners in the future is hard coded with text edit.

      Any deviation from this, will make our website explode, and tablets within 5ft of your ridiculous make believe java script, melt."




      As much as I would like to be able to hard code anything using any given programing language, I don't have the TIME!

      My clients don't give a crap about how their web banner came to be, and frankly, neither do I. I'm here to finish the task, make the money and move on!

      Give me a ******* brake!


      .....I'm sorry.... I just had to blow off some steam.

      Are Adobe Edge generated html5 and INMA-compliant ads really that far apart?


      Have any of you guys experienced something similar?