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    how to make pictures like this?

    cocacola zero

      Hi everybody,

      Recently I saw some pictures from a professional photographer.This are the pictures posted here. Looks like the photographer used some filter to change the colors because they don't look like natural colors.


      I wonder how I can create this effect on photoshop. Perhaps the photographer changed the hue and the saturation but not sure if that is correct and if this is correct, what colors do I need to choose for hue and the saturation

      I really appreciate if anybody shows me an example from the raw file to the final picture. I checked on youtube but i couldn't find any.

      Thanks in advance.


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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          These just look like an curves adjustment layer was used where the shadows are biased more to one color (blue) and the highlights are biaes in the opposite direction. something we used to call crossover in the film days, which was hard to get rid of depending upon the film type used. I was a sign of cheap film, but now people like it for some reason - still reminds me of cheap film and bad processing.

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            cocacola zero Level 1

            Can you please show me a concrete example including the what did you change, meaning a before and after, so i can have a better understanding on this?

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              rkelly0137 Level 4

              The overall effect is probably from any of a number of plugins made to replicate - as csuebele states - cheap film and bad processing.  Have a look at the VSCO film pack for instance.  Every major post process company has a package that does something along these lines, and plugs in to PS or LR; DxO, Topaz, VSCO, Alienskin, Nik software, etc.  They don't do anything that you can't do on your own using adjustments, but people like the programs to do it for them so they can just click through and pick.


              But if you're really asking "how do I get my photos to look like this".  Then the answer is that you start with a model, some good light, good lens, and some camera knowhow.  You start with a great photo.  Then they did some basic portraiture touchup (all of those have basic skin touchup and dodge and burn), and then you add some preset for the color/tone effects.

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                cocacola zero Level 1

                thanks kelly0137 for your response. when I said how do I get my photos to look like this, I meant the colors and tonality.I have pretty decent camera and I use prime lenses.I have a lot of pictures that have the same quality image but they don't look like what i showed here.I really like the blue-green effect on the pictures. I have tried to change the hue and the saturation but the finale product its far from where I want to go.


                What's why I was asking, maybe anyone here has an example or a link for youtube or somewhere else