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    Multi-Language Project Updates and Translations (RH11)


      I have a several projects that are multi-language. One in particular is translated in 20 different languages. Based on RoboHelp's suggested method for creating projects in multi-languages, I created the topics first in English, then made a copy of each topic selecting the desired language in the properties. However, now when the software changes, I have to make the same changes 20 times and it's very time consuming. My translators don't have RoboHelp so I can't send them the English and their language file for comparison and have them make the changes. Does anyone have any suggestions on simplifying this process?


      In addition, when I send the .html files to the translators, I ask them to use Notepad, WordPad, or some other HTML editor to retain the formatting, links, etc. If they use Word, I loose all this information and have to copy and paste their text which is also time consuming. Has anyone had success with files translated in Word?  What application is recommended for translating .html files?