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        maybe a idea for a update.


      I like too have the possibility to have  groups in Edge,
      for better overview over your project ..

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can group elements like here:


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            TonUden Level 1

            Hi resdesgin,


            Thanks for your answer.

            I am now working on lager project and, more than 30 steps of animations.
            I was thinking that groups of animations will give a better project management.
            Now everything is in one time line. This way of work is not working efficient. It is difficult to find the items back.. and also if you have to move a animation to a other location.
            or adjust the time, you will end up with a mess.


            So what is better to have groups of small (er) animations that you can place in the timeline and they will play one by one.
            Than it is easy to move or adjust the time.


            I have tried to make separate Symbols and let them play after each other,  but this doesn't work.



            Update tip!

            Also, for previewing,  for  a lager project, I don't need to see very-time  the start of the animation.  Please make a possibility that you can view a part off the animation.