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    Email Button and Three dropdowns

    frustrared by install

      I have three drop down fields, and one email button. At a give time only one of dropdowns has values (email address) in it. I am using below code that works great with only one filed, is there anyway make it work with all three fields?



         // This is the form return email, It’s hardcoded

         // so that the form is always returned to the same address

         // Change address on your form

         var cToAddr = this.getField("EmailList1").value;


         // First, get the client CC email address

         var cCCAddr = this.getField("ReqEmail").value;


           // Set the subject line for the email message

         var cSubLine = "Qyestion Form"


         //  Set the body text for the email message

         var cBody = "Thank you for submitting your form.\n" +

                     "A copy would be emailed to you";


         // Send the entire PDF as a file attachment on an e-mail

         this.mailDoc({bUI: true, cTo: cToAddr, cCc: cCCAddr,

                        cSubject: cSubLine, cMsg: cBody});


      the other two dropdowns are EmailList2, and EmailList3,  user can choose an email address from only one of the dropdown fields