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    Images appearing jagged, warped in PDF export


      I am working in Indesign CS5. I have been exporting print and digital files to PDF for years with no trouble. All of my images are of appropriate resolution.


      Over the weekend, I began to experience issues with export to PDF. Any placed image file is appearing as jagged or warped when exported to PDF. But looks OK when exported to JPG.


      See attached image where the green text "GIONS" is rendering badly. The logo image file is 300DPI at 2000px wide. Placed in this document it is only at 35% its true size. Also looks perfectly clear with no pixellation or jagged edges when viewed in photoshop.


      By contrast the placed vector file (white "Link" text at top) and all text in the inDesign file are rendering correctly.


      I have never had this kind of issue before and I am at a loss.






      Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 3.16.25 PM.png