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    Video Export/playback problem glitch


      Problem 1


      Tried using warp stabilizer or slowing footage down, when export and play back this happens. see picture attached. using canon 5d mark 2 1080p footage, system is i7 8gb ram 500gb hard drive.


      Problem 2


      even when I don't use warp or slowing footage down. I get little glitch in MVI or Quick time. For example its a short video that's last 4 mins when export a small glitch happen

      for eg. at 1:23 sec and when I re render and export again that problem will be at 2:30 and then another few times through out the video. So I have to export 5 or 6 times to get a video with the minimum glitch's. ( Freeze for a few second)


      Thanks for any help