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    Can we display Website Names with links directly to URLs in Search Results

    Deb Newman

      I do not see an option for URLs to display in Search Results. This is the behavior our users are asking for:  If a URL (I've got the link in a topic) would display in the search results, the user could then click on the link to take them to that external site.


      There is no option to display URLs in search results in the WebHelp or HTML5 publishing options. My users don't want to have to click a link to take them to an html topic and then have to click again on the URL to get to the external site. They want to be able to see the URL in the search results, click and go immediately to the site.


      I even turned on external site searching but didn't see anything in the results. Perhaps I'm not doing it right. This has never been an issue before on any other project that I've developed.


      Is there anything I can do to give them what they want?