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    Cut/Paste - Object Name Changes


      I'm having some trouble with my worksheet. I have a bunch of objects that I'm attempting to cut/paste. The problem that I run into is that that objects I paste end up with different names than what I cut (i.e. cut an object named '1' and it comes back named as '2').


      I have gone through and triple-checked that there are not duplicate names. Any idea if I am doing something wrong and/or if there is a workaround?



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          Doc Maik Level 4

          I'm pretty sure objects in Indesign can't have names, but they can have captions. Captions can contain numbers which are counted up, of course, when copying an object.

          Apart from that, you write about "cut & paste". When really cutting, means to delete the original object after pssting, why don't you just move the objects?

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            AnshulJain19 Adobe Employee


            If you are talking about interactive objects like buttons, multi-state objects etc then it is how this behaves. If you want to maintain the relationship between objects then you can

            - either move them and not cut/paste them.

            - or cut/paste them together.

            - or use Content Collector tool to grab them and place them and after placing delete original ones. Content collector grabs all the related items together even if you click on one item to grab.