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    Where are all the advanced users at?

    ThunderLion Level 1

      Im looking for forums with advanced questions that will help keep me on my feet.  Im already on videocopilot and creative cow. 

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I've been using After Effects for as long as it has been around. How can I help? If you are looking for a forum where people are asking how to do very complicated things so you can follow the thread and learn new stuff then the pickings are going to be fairly slim in most forums. It's not that advanced professional users don't run into questions, it's just that very few of them run in the things they cannot solve once they get a good understanding of how the program works. Most of the questions on most forums are from people trying to figure out the basics. Once you have mastered the tools the creative process becomes more a function of design and planning than software.


          The best way I know to learn After Effects is not browse the forums but to find very interesting projects online and then try to dissect them and re-create them for yourself. There are several sources for cutting edge visual effects and motion graphics. Behamce and Motionographer are two that come to mind.


          If you need help with technical things like compression, expressions, or scripting, then let us know. Otherwise, feel free to ask your questions here. There are lots of folks with a lot of experience that frequent this forum.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Fantastic answer, Rick. I could not have said it better myself. (Although, I would have said it with a slight hint of a British accent mixed in with a subtle southern US flavor.)

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              bogiesan Level 4

              Another good way to reach the experts is to participate. Look for opportunities to help, post your answers to their questions, learn from the experience of having your suggestions corrected by Szalam and Gerard.