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    Cannot open InDesign files on Mac that were saved on PC


      I subscribe to Create Suite and have it installed on both my Mac and PC. So, they should both be the most current version, right? All updates are current.


      A few (not all) InDesign files that were created/saved on a PC will not open up on my Mac. I get this message:

      Cannot open [file name] because it was saved with a newer version of Adobe InDesign CC (10.0).

      You must use that version or later to open the file. To then enable it to be opened in these version, choose Save As InDesign CS4 or later, or export to IDML.


      "Save As InDesign CS4" actually has IDML in parenthesis, so it's all one option. When I bring the file over to my mac, it doesn't open properly (for example all the images are gone).


      Could it be possible that there is a newer version of InDesign only for my PC and my Mac can't open those files? Seems ridiculous.