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    Premiere Elements 13 won't launch in Windows 8.1 (Click the icon and nothing happens)


      I'm running the trial version of Premiere Elements 13 on Windows 8.1 64-bit. It's a brand new PC built for video editing. Everything worked perfectly for about a week and all of a sudden I'm unable to start the program. I click the icon and nothing happens. No splash screen, no error code, no spinning circle cursor.


      I have the latest video card drivers for my graphics card.


      I've tried uninstalling the program, removed every last Adobe file from my PC, uninstalled all instances of Microsoft Visual C++ and reinstalled Adobe Premiere Elements 13. I tried the same with a fresh download of the program. Neither worked.


      I've tried installing a couple .dll files based on a similar thread (where a program called iLivid was the issue). I don't have iLivid on this PC and adding the new drivers didn't work.


      For the few days that the software was working I loved it and was ready to purchase. Unfortunately I won't be able to buy it until I can get it to launch on my PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Have you uninstalled the .dll files?


          In the remote chance that your computer had a recent antivirus update that might be involved, please look at the issue with and without the

          antivirus (also firewall(s)) disabled? Do you have McAfee for the antivirus program?


          Have you tried a System Restore to that time when the program was working?


          You did the classical things like uninstall reinstall. Did you ever try to do the deletion of the Adobe Premiere Prefs File, and, if that did not work,

          deletion of the whole 13.0 Folder in which it exists?

          Local Disc C






          Premiere Elements


          and in the 13.0 Folder is the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file that you delete. If that does not work, then delete the whole 13.0 Folder in which it exists.

          Be sure to be working with Folder Options Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives active so that you can the complete path cited.


          What about recent Windows updates?


          Have you tried starting Premiere Elements 13 from the Adobe Premiere Elements.exe file (after you right click it and apply Run As Administrator)?

          In all your uninstall reinstalls, do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on the same computer as Premiere Elements 13?

          Local Disc C

          Program Files


          Adobe Premiere Elements 13

          and in the Adobe Premier Elements 13 Folder is the Adobe Premiere Elements.exe file that you seek, not the Adobe Premiere Elements 13.exe.


          Please review and consider and then update us on the results when you get a chance.


          Thank you.



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            celebornx Level 1

            Hello, thanks for the reply.


            I have uninstalled the .dll's.


            There was no anti-virus update, but the problem persists with or without Windows Defender.


            I did not have a System Restore point to try.


            I did delete the Prefs file as well as every instance of any Premiere Elements folders found in the AppData folder.


            I'm running the latest version of Windows 8.1, but the program was working just fine for 6 days. There may have been a Windows Update in that time frame.


            I have tried running the Adobe Premiere Elements.exe file. I've also tried running both that and the Desktop shortcut as an administrator.


            So far, no luck. In searching online I've read about others having this exact same problem with Adobe Premiere Elements 11, 12, and 13. On both Windows 7 and 8. But it doesn't sound like there's been a clear solution yet.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              My major problem was with the reliability of the uninstall reinstall of Premiere Elements 12 Windows. I did not encounter any issues in this regard with 11. And, I have only looked at the 30 day tryout of 13 from Adobe. My computers are Windows XP 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 and later 8.1 64 bit. The following describes what got me through the worse of these hassels.



              I am not sure if the above will work for you with 13. But, it would be worthwhile to check them out.


              Since you are dealing with current version 13, it might be a good idea to get Adobe via its Adobe Chat involved, with the hope of some remote control of your computer troubleshooting to try to get to the core of the issue. Chat Panels have been hard to come by for some of these issues, but let us try this route.

              Please click on the following link

              Contact Customer Care

              Premiere Elements

              Adobe ID and signing in

              Adobe ID, sign in, and account help

              Chat Panel

              If the link does not hold its set, then you will need to navigate to the Chat Panel using the above titles as guides.


              Depending on the outcome....if you purchased Premiere Elements 13 from Adobe direct within the last 30 days, you can request your

              money back from Adobe. If you purchased elsewhere, then you are left to deal with the return policy of the seller.


              We will be watching for further developments.