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    AE 2014.1.1 Freezes on Quit, must Force Quit application

    Meg The Dog Adobe Community Professional

      Running CC on Mac OS 10.10.

      All other CC apps function normally.

      AE runs well except for the following anomalies, which all appeared at the same time:


      1) During RAM playback there is a 2 second freeze frame in the video the first time the render to ram completes and the playback begins. Subsequent RAM playback normal.

      2) When switching between comps, there is a delay with spinning beach ball for approx. 10 - 15 seconds, the normal operation.

      3) When trying to quit the app, the app completes the Save and then freezes. When I open the Force Quit pane, the app is not flagged as halted, even if I wait several minutes. I have to manually Force Quit to exit the app.


      As I said, all other applications and hardware are running normally.


      What I have done so far:

      Deleted AE preferences using Digital Rebellion's Preference Manager.

      Deleted AE and re-installled the app.


      Neither of these things had any effect on the problem(s).


      Any help appreciated.