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    Scale to parent element, not window

    johnrau Level 1



      I am playing with Edge Animate and the Responsive Scaling feature.


      My understanding is that the responsive scaling feature is supposed to scale the stage to the width of it's parent element on page load and resize.


      When I have this feature enabled in my project and view it in the browser, the stage width is the same as the browser width, and adjusts as I resize.


      Is this a bug? It looks like it is getting it's width from the wrong element - the window instead of the parent div.


      Here's the problem page: http://stage.accelweb.ca/lightjar/


      Scroll to the "upload" section and you'll see the stage to the right. It is equal to the width of the browser, not it's parent div. When you resize the window it continues to resize to the same width of the window.


      How do I make it so it stays the same size as the parent div?


      Thank you SOOOO Much and your help/suggestions are all much appreciated!!!