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    Prem Elements stabiliztion


      The new Image stabilization is the most mindbogglingly thoughtless 'brand new feature' in Elements 13!


      The feature is pulled from Prem Pro (and it's pretty much the only reason I upgraded the software as Adobe likes to dribble out useful Element updates) so when stabilization is applied to a clip whose resolution doesn't match the project, the effect flashes up a banner announcing that the project rez must match the clip.


      So if you have a project that mixes a selection of SLR, phone, and Gopro resolutions (say 720p 1080p, 4k, and maybe one of those weird little gopro small rez high fps options), you're stuffed.


      This is fine if the user is in Prem Pro, cause one can just trigger a 'nest', and alter the project dimensions there. But Prem Elements doesn't allow nested projects (as far as I can tell).


      With the selection of open source (Lightworks, Blender) and FREE (Blackmagic) pro tools that are now becoming available, Adobe should be thinking a little more about the customer!