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    HUNDREDS of .LCK files

    RickEEE Level 1
      Hundreds of .LCK files are appearing on our server - most of them with Hidden file attribute set. The CPS log shows all these entries, typically by a single user, at a very specific date and time - seems to be when the user is trying to publish a file. Anyone know what is causing this? I can search/delete them in the file system, but I want to know the cause.

      Also, other symptoms we are experiencing are "Access Denied" and "Contact System Admin" when other users try to publish. Also, a ".new" is appended to the filename when this error occurs. Only way to fix this is to rename the file in the file system.

      I have a mixture of Contribute 3.11, Contribute 4.0 and Dreamweaver 8 users. I have CPS version 1.1.
      Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated!!!!
        • 1. HUNDREDS of .LCK files
          I'm not sure I have an answer for you on this, but I assume you know that the LCK files are how Contribute locks the actual files on the server to prevent 2 folks from editing the same page simultaneously. That being said, the LCK system kicks into gear when, at least for us, the administrator (who is in DW MX) has enabled the "Check In-Check Out" functionality for the site. The administrator gets messages in Contribute when a page is "locked" by a page author (meaning they are currently editing the page, have clicked "Save For Later", have clicked "Send for Review" or have exited Contribute without "disposing" of their draft in one of the above methods). Make sure folks are either publishing their drafts or "disposing" of them in one of these ways so that the locking is not occuring accidentally.

          Aside from that, the LCK's are normal and go away when a page is published. It's possible that you may have enabled the approval system "Send for Review" and this is starting to tie things up (you should probably have a lot of concurrent emails being sent as well in this case).

          As to the other errors you're getting, sometimes we get those too, and yet we are able to just close the error box and things go as intended. Other times not, and I think the whole thing is related to how much traffic the CPS server is handling...we tend to get more errors when things are really busy.

          Again, not sure if this was helpful, but maybe just some things to consider!