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    Adobe Premier Elements 12 , Unknown errors when rendering or saving or making DVD's


      We purchased this software in January and have had little success it getting it to work as the errors which appear have no details to work on. the most popular error is unknown error , error converting, error rendering project. But this does not tell us what to do to fix the problem, and the staff are losing confidence in the software.


      We have made sure that the users have local Full admin rights to the PC's the software is on.

      Also we have second drives installed so they can put all the photos and videos and music locally ready to make the film,

      We have made sure that the program also caches locally so there's no network traffic issues.

      We have tried using the project archive before and also changing footage speeds as some images are from Ipads, some from cameras etc which have different rates

      Some films have been fixed by removing the transitions which the programs supplies for use but have caused it to crash, but also the title pages have caused problems.

      When we make the projects we also tell everyone to check that the render line is green and check for gaps etc,

      We need the software to be more user friendly as it does not explain what to do when these errors occur so we try everything we have in the past but this is crazy as its very time consuming and defeats the object of buying special software to make the job easier as they were using movie maker before . Please can you help as we are losing total confidence with the product.