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    how much does fireworks cost


      Not sure if im not looking in the right places, but I can see you can download a trial of fireworks, but I cant see anywhere how much it costs after the trial????

      I only need fireworks, not photoshop, or dreamweaver or anything else, just fireworks


      Thanks in advance if anyone can help and let me know how much fireworks costs (and where you found the cost... as its bugging me now)





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          Jean-Francois Mangin Level 1

          Hi Darren,


          Depending on where you live and where you can buy it, you can find several websites with a wide range of prices...

          It also may depend on your computer (Mac or PC)

          Just type in Google  those keywords: cost Fireworks CS6.

          For example I did it from France: you see that prices are pretty weird according to each E-commerce website...

          Also don't forget that Adobe Company wants to through Fireworks CS6 out... I don't know the reason co's it is very popular and most of Graphic Designers, me also, like to work on it due to it's simplicity in filters...


          Well that's all, Pal!

          Hope this may be useful to you and feel free in asking some more questions! (If other Adobe Users and I, have solutions).


          Warmest regards,

          Jean-François Mangin (Jef)