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    Show Full Screen Overlay with Message Popup


      I have a composition which requires some user input.  I want to open a simple message box from a composition (which is a symbol) over an opaque overlay of the entire screen - not just the composition.


      I have tried 2 methods but both don't seem to work:


      1.  Have a 100% width and height div with a 50% opaque background in the main page which is shown when the popup box is shown in the composition. 

      This means I have to get the pop up box (a symbol) in the composition above the overlay and the only way I know how to do that is with z-index, but z-index only has an effect within the composition - it does not force the symbol above the page overlay.


      2.  Have a page overlay within the composition at 100% width and height and use the stacking order within the composition to get the pop up box above the overlay.

      This works in terms of the stacking order but the overlay is only 100% width and height of the composition - not the entire page.  I realise I could calculate the width and height it should be and position it manually but this seems overly complex.


      Does anyone know of a simple answer?


      Thanks in advance..