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    Geting odd error message when I attempt to use photomerge


      This popup says it all but to provide some clarification...

      I am running LR4 & PS 5 which are loaded on my computer, not CC under WIN 7 OS, 64bit w/8gigs of ram and a scratch drive that has 500gig of space. I tried to move the images from LR to PS, the process I've always used & used last week where some 20 images were merged into one and no changes have been made to my system or these programs since then. As a work around I unstacked the selected images and tried it again, that failed. I then exported the images as stand alone files then opened then in PS and attempted to merge them w/no success. As a last attempt I shut PS down & relaunched it but got the same results.


      Please advise what I should do to resolve this. I do A LOT of panoramas & PS is my preferred tool.

      merge error.jpg