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      I cannot get mail merge in Indesign to work.  I was trying to make some membership cards. I downloaded my file and set up my indesign template.  It printed the same card 12 times on one sheet.  Tried everything to fix it and nothing would work. Ended up printing one name on a sheet 178 times.

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          Strange topic name...


          What you describe sounds like you didn't set up your template correctly. For multiple records per page merges you set up exactly one set of placeholders in the upper left corner. ID will duplicate the content as many times as will fit according to your margin and spacing settings during the merge.


          Also, multiple record preview is buggy, so DON'T press the preview button. If you are set up correctly, and you already tried to preview, your template probably will never work again, so copy the placeholders to a new doc and merge without the preview.

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              I will try this.  Npt real confident it will work.

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                It works.


                If you must use preview to get the size of a single frame to replicate 12 times and be positioned properly, do so. But once it is previewing fine, then copy the placeholder frame to a new document the same size and paste it in place. Then open the merge file, then use the merge to a new document.


                It works.



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                  It will probably also work if you Undo between a preview and merge, but EI wouldn't count on it myself.