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    Lightroom Trial Expired? Develop Module is disabled ?


      I've just opened LR 5.6 (Win 7 PC) and when I try an access the Develop module I'm getting the error "Develop Module is disabled - Please renew your membership to reactivate the develop module".

      I opened creative cloud, signed out, signed in and in the Apps section it is showing  "Adobe LR - Trial Expired"?? That's strange as i am not running a trial.


      I went to my account on the Adobe site and it is showing my purchase and the serial number OK.


      Any suggestions as to what is happening here??


      (I also checked the permissions on the SLCahce folder and these are OK, and also deleted the folder contents and restarted LR but still get the same error).

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Apparently you have the clout subscription for the photography package. But it's also apparent that you still have your standalone version of Lightroom installed. It will be necessary for you to uninstall Lightroom 5. Then close and restart the application manager. Now Lightroom will be available to install from the application manager. Do the installation. When I did the creative cloud installation about a week ago all I had to do is double-click on the desktop icon that the creative cloud installation placed on my desktop and I was able to go right back to work in Lightroom. You won't lose your work because your catalog and your images and all of the associated files are user files that don't get removed when you uninstall Lightroom.

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            Wurlitzer Level 1

            Thanks JimHess, I'll give that a try when I get home. I did consider re-installing LR but only went as far as trying to download a new .exe from my account link, on that I was told it was beyond the 30 day limit to download again.  I'll try uninstalling LR and hopefully then the creative cloud app will offer the option to re-install.

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              Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

              Hi Wurlitzer, Just to add to what JimHess said, in case even after following the above suggestions, you still get the Trial Expired message, then you might not have purchased Lightroom subscription(I did not find any order number for Creative cloud in your account either). In that case, you need to uninstall LR again and install it from the below link and use your serial key to serialize it.


              Product updates


              Let me know if this still does not help.


              ~ Arpit

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                Wurlitzer Level 1

                Thanks Arpit (et al),

                This is becoming most frustrating, I've uninstalled LR, downloaded a new install from the link you gave above but when I go to my account on the Adobe site and view my "Products" is now says I have none. Yesterday when I looked it confirmed my LR purchase and had the serial number, today it has disappeared!  How do I obtain the serial number to initialize the new install?


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                  Wurlitzer Level 1

                  I managed to get the serial number from the confirmation of purchase email sent by Adobe but when I enter it to activate the product I get a green tick and then a message that says "This is an upgrade serial number. The serial number from your previous version of Lightroom is also required"  and then a new set of boxes to enter another serial number.

                  Becoming more frustrating especially as LR5 was working just great for over a year.

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                    Wurlitzer Level 1

                    Digging all the way back through email I found the original LR4 serial number and entered that, now LR5 is back and working, thanks to all.  I've learned my lesson, don't run Creative Cloud unless it's a paid subscription, after its trial end it wipes the LR5 registration.  Still doesn't explain why my account has suddenly lost all records of my purchases though but at least I've got the serial numbers in a safe place now.

                    Thanks to all for the help