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    Photoshop touch & Creative Cloud:  no file available


      Hello all,


      I did purchase an iPad 2 Air last week.


      Photoshop user , I created a Creative Cloud account in which I have some PSD and JPEG and Photoshop Touch I downloaded (paid) on my iPad


      And that's my problem when I want to recover my files (PSD or JPEG) , the app tells me " no files available " yeah :


      I try with Photoshop Mix ( free), there is no problem even with the PSD layer and the Creative Cloud app I see my files!


      I also tried to send a PSD from the Creative Cloud app that "just works" but all the layers are flattened to make me a JPEG, not cool.


      I need you !


      Thank you .


      Of course, before posting I scoured Google, Adobe suport that does not support the app ' , etc ...